Course Testimonials

Children and Young People in Care - Looked after Children - Thursday 15 June

"Answered all my questions/queries clearly"

"Such important and useful information, very helpful."

School Exclusions - Getting it Right

"Very valuable:  great presenter."

Forming and joining a multi-academy trust

"Really valuable programme, good discussions and learning."

Website Training - 22 May 2017

"Very good training session."

"Well delivered, will enable me to be a critical friend."

Induction Training - 20 May 2017

"Content useful, informative and well delivered."

Effective Committees - 15 May 2017

"Very informative session."

Harnessing Parent Power - 4 May 2017

"I will recommend this to my governing body and we will use it for training."

Pupil Premium - 24 April 2017

"Excellent delivery by John."

"Would like to say that I enjoyed this training and it was very helpful."

E-Safety - 29 March 2017

"We could have had another hour- lots of info.  Good/well condensed though!"

Performance Management Training for Governors - 23 March 2017

"Excellent course and very informative.  Thanks."

"Quite a long time to concentrate but handouts useful reminder."

Chairs' Leadership Development Programme - Final session 21 March 2017

"Tonight's session was excellent."

"The content and delivery for tonight was excellent."

Comments by attendees from induction courses on 12th and 19th January 2017:

"The course was very interesting and useful and the examples and anecdotes were good."

"Not a criticism of course content - it was excellent.  I'd love another 2/3 hours to dig deeper into some themes.  Course could be improved by giving us more."

"Continue with this excellent venue."

The next course is on  28 January 2017.  Please see Training Courses.

RAISE Online - 23 November 2016

"Very interesting - a speedy delivery which at times was difficult to understand all the detail.  I would quite like to do it again to see what I have missed."

Anti bullying - 8 February 2017

"Could have done a longer session - it was really informative"

"Very interesting session, mix of talking with other governors, videos and info. input."

Substance Misuse and Safeguarding in Schools - Thursday 9 February 2017

"Excellent course and well presented."