About Our Board

The overarching aim for Bury Governance Development is to improve the life chances of the children and young people of Bury by enabling them to achieve their full potential. This will be achieved by developing the capacity and capability of school governance in Bury so that governors play a key strategic role in school improvement.

There is an increasing expectation from the government that school governors and trustees are fully equipped with the skills to carry out their statutory duties effectively and economically. It is the vision of the Bury Governance Development that Bury will be a place where:-

  • all schools benefit from outstanding governance
  • governors work together in partnership with each other and service providers to continually develop their capability and capacity
  • all governors grow in effectiveness through excellent training, induction, coaching and mentoring programmes
  • we aspire to draw all governors into collaborative working
  • investing in governor training and development is recognised as representing excellent value for money
  • the quality of governance is nationally recognised.

The Bury Governance Development Committee is a group of school governors and trustees, representing primary and secondary schools, who work together and in partnership with the Local Authority and other key stakeholders in the school-led system to enhance governor and trustee development in ways which increase the capacity of individual schools to achieve quality for their students. This is done more economically and effectively through governing bodies and trust boards using their combined purchasing power and expertise.

Working with Primary and Secondary Schools

Bury Governance Development exists to provide support and training to governors and trustees of primary and high schools in order to ensure they have the skills to meet their roles and responsibilities most effectively. It organises excellent courses relevant to the needs of governors, and where appropriate, working with the school collaboratives to enable training opportunities to be easily accessible.

Terms of Reference

The Bury Governance Terms of Reference can be accessed on the link below:

BGD Terms of Reference version 11