Message from Our Board

Welcome to the website that always wants to support and challenge school governors. The support comes through development opportunities that are on offer to individual governors through on-line learning or to groups of like-minded governors, in a variety of locations around the Borough of Bury.  The challenge for governors, new or experienced, is to stay in touch with current requirements at a time when government policy around school governance continues to evolve.


Ofsted’s inspection of governance as part of Leadership and Management and their evaluation of governance through its impact on the learning, progress and outcomes for students dictates that Governing Bodies and individual governors must show a strong engagement with and capacity to improve all aspects of a school.


The Bury Governance Development programme provides a rich menu of activities that will support individual governors and governing bodies to exemplify highly effective governance. I invite you to make your choices, reserve places and benefit from the support and challenge you will experience in working with us on the journey to highly effective governance in our schools.


The Bury Governance Development programme is the result of a unique and commended partnership between the governing bodies of Bury’s schools.  That partnership ensures high quality development for all Bury School Governors and is built on the trust and commitment of Bury Schools’ Governors working together. At its inception in 2011 it was known as Bury Governor Training Group (BGTG) and is now re-launched as Bury Governance Development (BGD) by the birth of this new website.